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We Believe Balance is for Everybody.

These days, self-care is more than a luxury. Whether you need relief from pain or emotional support during a difficult time, Massage Therapy makes a difference.

About Body In BalanceAbout Body In Balance

Our Story

Andrea is fully licensed/insured Massage Therapist and Esthectian with 10-year hands-on experience. She loves to continue to learn different modalities and keep up with continuing education to broaden her practice.

She became a Massage Therapist to help others reach natural balance in our bodies needs to be healthy, happy and fit. Her goal in her practice is to provide a wholesome massage experience and to specifically curate to each individual client’s health and wellness goals.

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The Values That Guide Us

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Inclusive and Empowering - Yogi Webflow Template

Inclusive & Empowering

Hatha Yoga is a great place to start if you are new to yoga or if you want to deepen your practice.

Lasting Impact - Yogi Webflow Template

Lasting Impact

Vinyasa Yoga’s attention to alignment and detail makes it ideal for beginners to yoga

Ongoing Improvement - Yogi Webflow Template

Ongoing Improvement

Iyengar Yoga’s practice has been carefully structured in a way to allow a beginner to progress.

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Our clients are women + men from all walks of life. We want everyone to feel welcome when you walk through our doors.

Susan Clarke

Susan Clarke

Los Angeles, CA

“Seriously, make an appointment right now. Body In Balance Spa literally keeps me standing, so relaxing.”

Luke Courville

Luke Courville

Los Angeles, CA

“Andrea is a miracle worker. Extremely professional and accommodating. You will leave in a state of pure bliss every time!”

Emma Hawkins

Emma Hawkins

Los Angeles, CA

“I love it here! Beautiful and clean. Peaceful and tranquil to get you into a relaxing mood.”

Our Studio at a Glance

We've created a therapeutic environment at our studio inside of the Phenix Salon Suites building, room #23, to help you recharge and rejuvenate your inner balance.

Body In Balance Spa Studio GalleryBody In Balance Spa Studio GalleryBody In Balance Spa Studio Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to give you the best massage experience possible. This FAQ is intended to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions.

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